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    Curtain: Poirot's Last Case

    Author: Agatha Christie
    Reader: Hugh Fraser

    …crippled with arthritis, there is nothing wrong with the great detective and his "little gray cells." However, when Poirot brands one of the seemingly harmless guests a five-time murderer, some people have their doubts. Poirot alone knows he must prevent a sixth murder before the curtain falls.

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    Final Curtain

    Author: Ngaio Marsh
    Reader: Wanda McCaddon

    Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn untangles a skein of suspicious threads including anonymous letters, a controversial will, and an exhumation. It all begins when his wife accepts the commission to paint the portrait of a well-known actor. 14th in the series.

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    The Tortilla Curtain

    Author: T.C. Boyle
    Reader: T.C. Boyle

    Audie Award winner. An accident that throws together two rich Americans and a family of illegal Mexican immigrants results in a tragicomedy of error and misunderstanding. A deeply moving tale of people who risk everything to cross the Mexican border and partake of the American Dream. "A high-energy…

    Our Price: $29.95

    Curtain of Death

    Author: W.E.B. Griffin, with William E. Butterworth IV
    Reader: Alexander Cendese

    Munich, 1946. Two WACs are kidnapped by four Soviet agents. But one of the women works for the new CIA, and three of the men end up dead with the fourth wounded. Shock waves ripple up and down the line with major repercussions for the woman and for her boss, James Cronley, who are involved in an…

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    Behind the Curtain

    Author: Beth Kery
    Reader: Maxine Mitchell

    There's something about this woman...On a break between overseas jobs, journalist Asher Gaites returns to his hometown of Chicago and allows his friends to persuade him to check out a hot new singer. At a downtown jazz club, he's soon transfixed by the lyrical voice and sensuous body of a woman who…

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    Retirement Heist

    Author: Ellen E. Schultz
    Reader: Nicole Vilencia

    The so-called retirement crisis is no accident, and large corporations played a significant and hidden role in creating it. An award-winning investigative reporter draws back the curtain from one of the biggest, least understood scandals in decades.

    Our Price: $29.95

    Young Mandela

    Author: David James Smith
    Reader: Allyson Johnson

    …leader Nelson Mandela was not always elderly or benign. First, he was a committed revolutionary who left his family behind to live on the run, adopting false names, and organizing the first strikes to overthrow the apartheid state. Here the curtain is lifted on an icon's first steps to greatness.

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    Author: A.N. Wilson
    Reader: Ralph Cosham

    A ruthless dictator who saved his country from economic ruin only to nearly destroy it in his quest for world domination, Adolf Hitler forever changed the course of history. Here, A.N. Wilson pulls back the curtain to reveal the man behindthe mythic figure.

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    Bobby Kennedy

    Author: Chris Matthews
    Reader: Chris Matthews

    …brother, Bobby Kennedy was the perpetual underdog. But RFK would prove to be the rarest of politicians – both a pragmatist who knew how to get the job done and an unwavering idealist who could inspire millions. Look behind the curtain at the public and private worlds of Robert Francis Kennedy.

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    I Funny TV

    Author: James Patterson, with Chris Grabenstein
    Reader: Frankie Seratch

    After Jamie Grimm proves that he is the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic, there are plans for a new TV show about Jamie and his oddball friends. But when Jamie struggles to learn the acting ropes, will it be an early curtain call for the biggest show of the decade? Fourth in the series.

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    The Sans Pareil Mystery

    Author: Karen Charlton
    Reader: Michael Page

    On a cold February night in Regency London, a dark curtain falls on the Sans Pareil Theatre following the death of April Clare, a promising young actress, whose body is found in mysterious circumstances. Detective Stephen Lavender and his dependable deputy, Constable Woods, quickly discover that…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $19.99

    Forty Autumns

    Author: Nina Willner
    Reader: Cassandra Campbell

    A former American military intelligence officer goes beyond traditional Cold War espionage tales to tell the true story of her family-of five women separated by the Iron Curtain for more than forty years, and their miraculous reunion afterthe fall of the Berlin Wall.

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    When the World Stopped to Listen

    Author: Stuart Isacoff
    Reader: Stefan Rudnicki

    April of 1958-the Iron Curtain was at its heaviest, and the outcome of the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition seemed preordained. Nonetheless, as star musicians from across the globe descended on Moscow, an unlikely favorite emerged: Van Cliburn, a polite, lanky Texan whose passionate…

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    The Plain Old Man

    Author: Charlotte MacLeod
    Reader: Andi Arndt

    The show must go on! When the con man playing the title role in Aunt Emma's community theater ends up dead, Sarah tackles the case. Sorting out the clues, she finds that even after the curtain falls the show is far from over. "Delightful fun with plenty of mystery."—Booklist

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    The New Adventures of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, Volume 3

    Author: Max Alan Collins and Mickey Spillane
    Reader: Stacy Keach and a full cast

    …Broadway comeback. Soon she's facing death threats and Hammer is the target of hit men. Then she disappears and Hammer seeks to make a rescue before her curtain comes down. Based on the plot for an unwritten novel found in the late Mickey Spillane's files. With full cast, sound effects, and music.

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