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    A Question of Blood

    Author: Ian Rankin
    Reader: James Macpherson

    …Detective Inspector John Rebus investigates a double murder, he's threatened with suspension. A fire has killed the man who had been menacing his partner. Rebus's burns are the result of that fire. He must face the suspicion of his superiors as he works to clear his name. 14th in the series. "Always…

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    Author: George R. Stewart
    Reader: Patrick Lawlor

    Spitcat, a raging forest fire in the Sierra Nevada of California, had a lifespan of merely eleven days, "yet its effects could be reckoned ahead in centuries." So writes George R. Stewart in this engrossing novel of a fire started by lightning in the dry heat of September, and fanned out of control…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $24.99

    Fire Monks

    Author: Colleen Morton Busch
    Reader: Colleen Morton Busch

    When a massive wildfire surrounded Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, five monks risked their lives to save it. Fire Monks reveals what it means to meet a crisis with full presence of mind.

    Our Price: $34.95

    Fire Season

    Author: Philip Connors
    Reader: Sean Runnette

    The author spends half of each year in a seven-by-seven fire lookout tower 10,000 feet high in a remote part of New Mexico. He meditates on nature and life, capturing the wonder and grandeur of this most unusual job and place. In the tradition of Desert Solitaire and Shop Class As Soulcraft.

    Our Price: $24.95

    Crystal Fire

    Author: Michael Riordan, Lillian Hoddeson
    Reader: Dennis McKee

    …that piece of germanium was 100 times stronger than what went in. In that moment, the transistor was invented and the information age began. Crystal Fire recounts the story of the transistor team at Bell Labs, led by William Shockley, who shared the Nobel Prize with Bardeen and Brattain. While his…

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    Catching Fire

    Author: Suzanne Collins
    Reader: Carolyn McCormick

    Katniss and Peeta's upset win in the Hunger Games should mean a life of safety and plenty for themselves and their families. But there are rumors of rebellion in the land. To her horror, Katniss is the face of that rebellion. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Second in the trilogy.…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $39.99

    Cross Fire

    Author: James Patterson
    Reader: Andre Braugher and Jay O. Sanders

    A sharpshooter with inside information is assassinating Washington's crooked politicians. Investigating, Alex Cross finds himself stepping on the FBI's toes. But then he hears from his deadliest adversary, the Mastermind. He's in D.C. and will not relent until he has eliminated Cross – and his…

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    Fire Inside

    Author: Kristen Ashley
    Reader: Kate Russell

    Lanie Heron isn't looking for love – no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club. But Hop needs to convince her that she…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $40.00

    Midnight Fire

    Author: Lisa Marie Rice
    Reader: Elizabeth Hart

    Summer Redding thought the blindingly handsome jock who'd loved and left her years ago had died in the Washington Massacre. She grieved for her lost golden boy as the rest of the country mourned their dead-until she comes home to find a very alive Jack Delvaux waiting for her with a devastating…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $29.99

    Facing Fire

    Author: HelenKay Dimon
    Reader: Steve West

    When his uncle is brutally murdered, Josiah King knows that business just got personal. His uncle's ties to the Alliance can mean only one thing: Josiah and his black ops team are targets, along with everyone they love. Primed for vengeance, Josiah is determined to unravel the plot-until long-legged…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $39.99

    Wild Fire

    Author: Nelson DeMille
    Reader: Scott Brick

    Available in: MP3-CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $44.99

    Mendocino Fire

    Author: Elizabeth Tallent
    Reader: Elisabeth Rodgers, Jeff Cummings

    A new collection of diverse, thematically linked, and deeply powerful stories that confirm the author's enduring gift for capturing relationships at their moment of transformation: marriages breaking apart, people haunted by memories of old love and reaching haltingly toward new futures.

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $19.99

    Red Fire

    Author: Max Brand
    Reader: Patrick Lawlor and Dion Graham

    Paul Torridon, called White Thunder by the Cheyenne Indians, and his girlfriend, Nancy Brett, are being held prisoner by the Cheyenne because they believe he can cure illness and bring rain. While Roger Lincoln, a frontiersman who has known Torridon since the early days of his feud with the Brett…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $14.99

    Fire Brand

    Author: Diana Palmer
    Reader: Sarah Naughton

    Gaby Cane was always a bit afraid of her attraction to Bowie McCayde. Even when she was fifteen and Bowie's family took her in, she had sensed his simmering resentment. Now ten years later, she's an aspiring journalist who can hold her ownwith any man professionally, the dark shadows of years gone…

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    Our Price: $14.99
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