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    Ghost Country

    Author: Sara Paretsky
    Reader: Teri Schnaubelt

    …becomes thecatalyst for a war between the haves and have-nots. Tensions in the city are escalating when a mysterious woman appears during a violent storm. The street people call her Starr. As she slowly transforms their lives, miracles begin to happen in a city completely unprepared for the outcome.

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    St. Dale

    Author: Sharyn McCrumb
    Reader: Anna Fields

    …Pilgrims" through seven states in eight days, watching them lay wreaths at each track in honor of the intimidator. As the bus rolls onward, miracles begin happening. Prayers are answered, secrets are revealed, and bonds are forged. For Harley and his passengers, the trip becomes one of…

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    Not By Sight

    Author: Cash Luna
    Reader: Bob Borquez

    …-the Word of God. Dare to always challenge your faith for it's the most powerful and effective tool you have for daily living and extraordinary miracles of healing and provision in your daily life. Just believe and declare for supernatural results in your life! Press forward in faith and not by…

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    The Memory Painter

    Author: Gwendolyn Womack
    Reader: Will Damron

    Two lovers who have traveled across time, a team of scientists at the cutting edge of memory research, and a miracle drug that unlocks an ancient mystery...

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    The Twentieth Maine

    Author: John J. Pullen
    Reader: Barrett Whitener

    A little-known underdog volunteer regiment in the Civil War, the 20th Maine performed a miracle at Gettysburg: outnumbered two to one and out of ammunition, the group nevertheless took 400 Confederate prisoners. Hear how their heroism vaulted them into legend.

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    Classics of Childhood, Vol. 3

    Author: Various authors
    Reader: Celebrity narrators

    Narrated by celebrities, these childhood stories centered around Christmas include: The Little Match Girl, Waldo, Tell Me about Christmas, Santasaurus, The History of Christmas, The Gift of the Magi, and Miracle on 34th Street.

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    The Boys in the Cave

    Author: Matt Gutman
    Reader: Matt Gutman

    From ABC News Chief National Correspondent Matt Gutman comes the definitive account of the miracle rescue of 12 boys and their coach trapped in a flooded cave for nearly three weeks.

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    A Christmas Flower

    Author: Bryan Mooney
    Reader: Dan John Miller

    This Christmas, Dr. Beth Harding could use a few miracles. The hospital she runs in River Dale, New Hampshire, is being shut down, unless she can convince the Scrooge-like board to save it. At least her closest friend, firefighter Logan Mitchell, is home for the holidays to offer a broad shoulder to…

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    Our Price: $24.99

    After the Crash

    Author: Michel Bussi
    Reader: Daniel Philpott

    After a plane crash in the Swiss Alps, the sole survivor is a three-month-old baby girl. But two infants were on board. Which is the miracle baby? Two families step forward to claim the child – one poor, and one powerful and dangerous. "Fascinating... builds to a surprising and shocking…

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    Every Heart a Doorway

    Author: Seanan McGuire
    Reader: Cynthia Hopkins

    Magical lands have little need for used-up miracle children. Nancy tumbled into one once, and now she's back – at Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children, full of children seeking a way back to their own fantasy world. But now thereis darkness around each corner, and when tragedy strikes, Nancy and…

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    The 19th Christmas

    Author: James Patterson, with Maxine Paetro
    Reader: January LaVoy

    Solving crimes never happens on schedule, the month of December is upended for the Women's Murder Club when a crininal mastermind known only as "Loman" unleashes credible threats by the hour. Avoiding tragedy is the only holiday miracle they seek. 19th in the series.

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    The Story of My Life

    Author: Helen Keller
    Reader: Mary Woods

    …to be silent, this most famous blind and deaf woman tells her remarkable story of courage and determination. The Academy Award-winning movie The Miracle Worker described a several-month period in her childhood. Now hear about the rest of her early years, from age seven to 22. She learned to read in…

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    The Midwife of Hope River

    Author: Patricia Harman
    Reader: Anne Wittman

    A remarkable new voice in American fiction creates an uplifting novel that celebrates the miracle of life.An honest, moving, and beautifully detailed piece of Americana, Patricia Harman's The Midwife of Hope River rings with authenticity as Patience faces nearly insurmountable difficulties: disease,…

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    The Lifeboat Clique

    Author: Kathy Parks
    Reader: Allyson Ryan

    …party where she'd be surrounded by enemies?Oh yeah. Croix. Denver never thought in a million years he'd ask her out, but who is she toquestion this miracle of fate?Well, that isn't the only surprise fate has in store.During the party a tsunami hits the coast of California, and Denver and a handful…

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    The Games

    Author: David Goldblatt
    Reader: Napoleon Ryan

    …their reinvention in Athens in 1896 to the present day, chronicling classic moments of sporting achievement from Jesse Owens to Nadia Comaneci, the Miracle on Ice to Usain Bolt. He goes beyond medal counts to explore how international conflicts have played out at the Olympics, including the role of…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $54.99
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