Red War

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    Red War

    Author: Kyle Mills
    Reader: George Guidall

    Russian president Maxim Krupin discovers that he has inoperable brain cancer and clings to power by threatening the West. Undercover assassin Mitch Rapp is now the only thing standing between war and peace. 15th in the series.

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $29.99

    Red Platoon

    Author: Clinton Romesha
    Reader: Clinton Romesha

    The only comprehensive, firsthand account of the 13-hour firefight at the Battle of Keating during the Afghani War by Medal of Honor recipient Clinton Romesha,

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $45.00

    Red Swan

    Author: P.T. Deutermann
    Reader: Dick Hill

    …Washington, DC, Red Swan begins with an ominous phone call from Carson McGill, the deputy director of operations in the CIA, to retired CIA officer Preston Allender. Henry Wallace is dead. A behind-the-scenes operator at the CIA, Wallace was integral to the agency's secret war against China's…

    Our Price: $34.95

    Suspect Red

    Author: L.M. Elliott
    Reader: Elizabeth Wiley

    It's 1953, and the United States has just executed an American couple convicted of spying for the Soviet Union. Everyone is on edge as the cold war standoff between communism and democracy leads to the rise of Senator Joe McCarthy and his zealous hunt for the people he calls subversives or communist…

    Our Price: $29.95

    Red Flags

    Author: Juris Jurjevics
    Reader: Joe Barrett

    During the Vietnam War, Army cop Erik Rider is sent to disrupt Vietcong opium fields in a remote Highland province, home to hard-pressed soldiers, intelligence operatives, and profiteers. He makes a disturbing discovery: someone close to home has a stake in the opium smuggling ring. From the author…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $32.95

    War Storm

    Author: Victoria Aveyard
    Reader: Vikas Adam, Amanda Dolan, Saskia Maarleveld, Erin Spencer, and Charlie Thurston

    …Mare is determined to destroy the Silver world once and for all, starting with Maven. As violence escalates and a Silver-on-Silver war boils around them, Mare know it's her last chance to take back her world. But even victory comes at a price. Fourth in and final installment in the Red Queen series.

    Our Price: $44.99

    Landscape Turned Red

    Author: Stephen W. Sears
    Reader: Barrett Whitener

    …the Civil War battle at Antietam was one of the bloodiest in our history: nearly 23,000 men died that day. Hear the drama as experienced by its leaders as well as its soldiers, both Union and Confederate. Winner of the Fletcher Pratt Award for Best Nonfiction Book about the Civil War. "A modern…

    Our Price: $29.95

    Red Star Rogue

    Author: Kenneth Sewell and Clint Richmond
    Reader: Brian Emerson

    A stunning exposé of a Soviet plot to push the U.S. into declaring war against China. Early in 1968 a nuclear-armed Soviet sub sank off Hawaii. Compelling evidence strongly suggests that the sub was lost while attempting to fire a nuclear missile – at Pearl Harbor. Yes, this sounds like a Tom Clancy…

    Our Price: $29.95

    Red Phoenix Burning

    Author: Larry Bond, Chris Carlson
    Reader: Patrick Lawlor

    …bloody civil war among the North's brutal factions. As the conflict worsens, the world is dragged into a violent and rapidly widening confrontation amid North Korea's shattered ruins, right to the edge of an all-out war that could engulf the entire civilized world. Second in the Red Phoenix series.

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $14.99

    The Little Red Chairs

    Author: Edna O'Brien
    Reader: Juliet Stevenson

    Vlad, a war criminal from Eastern Europe masquerading as a healer, settles in a small Irish village where the locals fall under his spell. Fidelma is so enamored that she begs him for a child. Disgraced after Vlad's arrest, she flees to England and works among displaced migrants – until she…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $40.00

    The Red Badge of Courage

    Author: Stephen Crane
    Reader: Anthony Heald

    …untried Union Army volunteer longs to prove himself under fire, but the reality of war's confusion, bloodshed, and horror shatter his illusions. A timeless story of courage and terror, this classic novel of the Civil War perfectlycaptures the horror of battle and the psychology of fear. "Heald does…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $19.95

    The Red Badge of Courage

    Author: Stephen Crane
    Reader: Roger Dressler

    …and terror. This classic novel of the Civil War perfectly captures the horror of battle and the psychology of fear. A young, untried Union Army volunteer longs to prove himself under fire, but finds his illusions brutally shattered in the reality of war's confusion, bloodshed, and horror. "One of…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $14.99

    Cities of the Red Night

    Author: William S. Burroughs
    Reader: Ray Porter

    An opium addict is lost in the jungle; young men wage war against an empire of mutants; a handsome young pirate faces his execution; and the world's population is infected with a radioactive epidemic. These stories are woven together in a single tale of mayhem and chaos. First in the trilogy.

    Our Price: $34.95

    The Secret War

    Author: Sir Max Hastings
    Reader: Steven Crossley

    …extraordinary sagas include Alan Turing and the codebreaking geniuses of Bletchley Park, their German counterparts, the puzzle of why Stalin so often spurned his agents, andthe brilliantly ruthless Russian deception operation which secured the Red Army's victory at Stalingrad and saved 70,000 lives.

    Our Price: $75.00

    Killing Titan

    Author: Greg Bear
    Reader: Jay Snyder

    …Same war. After barely surviving his last tour on Mars, Master Sergeant Michael Venn finds himself back on Earth in enforced isolation. Through a dangerous series of operations he returns to Mars to further his investigation into the Drifters – ancient artifacts suddenly reawakened on the red

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $35.00
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