The Threat

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    The Threat

    Author: Andrew G. McCabe
    Reader: Andrew G. McCabe

    Important, revealing, and powerfully argued, The Threat tells the true story of what the FBI is, how it works, and why it will endure as an institution of integrity that protects America.

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $39.99

    The Threat

    Author: David Poyer
    Reader: Dick Hill

    Protecting the president, even in the White House, is a deadly job. Especially if the president is unpopular. Navy Commander Dan Lenson doesn't want this assignment, but he does his best, working to unravel a terrorist plot. And when the president enrages elements of his government, Lenson becomes…

    Our Price: $29.95

    The Patriot Threat

    Author: Steve Berry
    Reader: Scott Brick

    2016 Audie Award Winner, Thriller/Suspense. Ex-intelligence agent Cotton Malone's former boss asks him to track a rogue North Korean who may have acquired top-secret Treasury Department files that could bring the U.S. to its knees. He is vaulted into a harrowing 24-hour chase that begins in Venice…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $39.99

    Fatal Threat

    Author: Marie Force
    Reader: Eva Kaminsky

    …off the shores of the Anacostia River. But before Sam can sink her teeth into the new case, Secret Service agents seize her from the crime scene. A threat has been made against her family, but nobody will tell her anything – including the whereabouts of her husband, Vice President Nick Cappuano.

    Our Price: $39.99

    Threat Vector

    Author: Tom Clancy, with Mark Greaney
    Reader: Lou Diamond Phillips

    Now back in the Oval Office, Jack Ryan is faced with a crisis when China threatens to invade Taiwan. A new breed of Chinese weapons threatens the U.S. Navy's defense of the island, and Chinese cyberwarfare experts are attacking American infrastructure. Jack Ryan, Jr., and his intelligence colleagues…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $19.99

    Silent Threat

    Author: Dana Marton
    Reader: Sarah Naughton

    Former Navy SEAL Cole Makani Hunter has been assigned to an undercover mission at a rehab center for vets to discover who leaked sensitive military information to an enemy. Almost immediately, Cole finds himself at odds with Annie Murray, a peace-loving ecotherapist whose dream is to open an animal…

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $22.99


    Author: Amelia Gray
    Reader: Hillary Huber

    David is pretty sure his wife is dead but doesn't know how or why. Disoriented by grief, he struggles to unravel the mystery – which becomes increasingly baffling when he starts finding a series of elaborate threats hidden around hishome. "Prickly... Surprising... Delectable."—Publishers Weekly

    Our Price: $29.95

    Facing Cyber Threats Head On

    Author: Brian Minick
    Reader: Patrick Lawlor

    News breaks all the time that hackers have attacked another company. Media outlets regularly cover cyber events. The President issues executive orders, and Congress explores cyber legislation. With all these events happening, business leaders must ask: what does this mean for my business and me?

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $29.99

    The Preservationist

    Author: Justin Kramon
    Reader: Charlie Thurston

    Riveting tale of a relationship which begins to unravel as the threat of violence approaches.

    Our Price: $32.95

    The Removers

    Author: Donald Hamilton
    Reader: Stefan Rudnicki

    …after having been reactivated as a spy, Matt Helm receives a message from his ex-wife asking for his aid. The threat is an enemy agent named Martel, disguised as a mob hit man. To protect his family, Helm must remove the threat before his own children pay the ultimate price. Third in the series.

    Our Price: $24.95

    Act of Terror

    Author: Marc Cameron
    Reader: Tom Weiner

    America is being terrorized by random acts of violence perpetrated by agents trained solely to bring it down. Special Agent Jericho Quinn recognizes the threat but may not be able to stop it.

    Our Price: $29.95

    The U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Survival Manual

    Author: Dick Couch
    Reader: Brian Troxell

    In an era of geopolitical instability, terrorism, and the threat of a North Korean missile attack, military experts teach you how to survive the worst-case scenarios we all dread.

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $35.00


    Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
    Reader: Johnathan McClain

    The survivors have made it out of the jungle. But they stumble upon a whole new ecosystem, populated with entirely new threats. And the greatest threat of all may come from within. Because one of the kids is changing. Book 2 in the Horizonseries.

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $25.99

    We're Alive, Season 3

    Author: Kc Wayland
    Reader: Full Cast Dramatization

    The tower has fallen. Survivors are scattered, scrambling to find safety and each other. The rest of the world comes into viewas the threats continue to evolve. Elements of strength and hope start to emerge but at what cost?

    Our Price: $32.95

    Churchill and Orwell

    Author: Thomas E. Ricks
    Reader: James James

    A dual biography of Winston Churchill and George Orwell, with a focus on the pivotal years from the mid-1930s through the 1940s. Their farsighted vision and inspired action in the face of the threat of fascism and communism helped preservedemocracy for the world.

    Available in: CD (Unabridged)
    Our Price: $40.00
Related Categories: E8u999
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