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    The Reckoning

    Author: Beverly Lewis
    Reader: Marguerite Gavin

    Shunned from the Plain life she once knew, Katherine turns to working with hospice patients, where she finds solace in her labor of love. Unknown to Katherine, her long-lost love, Daniel, is working to find her, only to be frustrated at nearly every turn. Meanwhile, she delights in the…

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    So Shall We Stand

    Author: Elyse Larson
    Reader: Vanessa Benjamin

    Widowed when her husband's plane is shot down during the London blitz, Nella returns home to Wales. But then she inadvertently uncovers evidence that raises questions about the death of an American soldier. Nella is now a target. Caught ina frightening web of espionage, she searches for truth and a…

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    Author: Lyn Cote
    Reader: Marguerite Gavin

    Born at Ivy Manor, Chloe lacks for nothing except what she truly wants: her parents' unconditional love. Striking out on her own into New York City's bohemian world of the Roaring Twenties, she lives on her own terms, determined to stand apart from her family. But the Depression forces her to…

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    Not a Sparrow Falls

    Author: Linda Nichols
    Reader: Marguerite Gavin

    In this powerful story of redemption and love, a young Virginia woman flees the men who have lured her away from her godly upbringing into a life of desperation. Taking on a new identity, she escapes to the bustling city of Alexandria. There she meets a widowed pastor with three young children – and…

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    Love by Night

    Author: Stina
    Reader: iiKane

    Against all odds, Adirah Messa has been accepted to Billet University, a prestigious institution founded in the 1800s for people of color. Determined to excel, she arrives at the university intent on minimizing distraction and focusing on her studies. That goal is soon interrupted when she is…

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    When the Heart Waits

    Author: Sue Monk Kidd
    Reader: Carrington MacDuffie

    …bolstered with classic spiritual disciplines and Scripture, yjis book offers an alternative to fast-fix spirituality," -Bookstore Journal. Blending her own experiences with an intimate grasp of spirituality, Sue Monk Kidd relatesthe passionate and moving tale of her spiritual crisis, when life…

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    The Three Questions

    Author: Don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Emrys
    Reader: Christian Barillas

    …Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz introduced seekers on the path to enlightenment to the tenets of Mesoamerican spiritual culture-the ancient Toltec. Now, he takes us deeper into Native American practice, and asks us to consider essential questions that drive our lives and govern our spiritual power.

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    The Abbey

    Author: James Martin
    Reader: James Martin, SJ

    In the tradition of the spiritual classics The Shack and The Screwtape Letters comes a captivating and poignant debut novel from the revered Jesuit priest and New York Times bestselling author of Jesus and The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything. A divorced single mom, Anne can barely cope with life…

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    Surprised by Joy

    Author: C.S. Lewis
    Reader: Geoffrey Howard

    The famed author of the Narnia series tells about his own spiritual journey. Hear how he embraced Christianity when, unexpectedly, he was surprised and delighted by the joy he found in Christ. His choice elated him, and he explains why.

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    An Autobiography

    Author: Mohandas K. (Mahatma) Gandhi
    Reader: Bill Wallace

    From his youthful rebellion and sensual excesses to his leadership of the movement to free India from British rule, Gandhi describes the story of his life as a series of spiritual "experiments" and explains his concept of active nonviolentresistance.

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    Catch a Fire

    Author: Timothy White
    Reader: Peter Macon

    Bob Marley left an indelible mark on modern music, both as a reggae pioneer and an enduring cultural icon. This classic biography chronicles his life, career, and the milieu that shaped his spiritual and political beliefs. Fourth edition.

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    A Distant Mirror

    Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
    Reader: Nadia May

    The fourteenth century reflects two contradictory images: on the one hand a glittering time of crusades and castles, cathedrals and chivalry; on the other, a time of ferocity and spiritual agony, a world in chaos.

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    Care of the Soul, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition

    Author: Thomas Moore
    Reader: Charles Rice

    With a new introduction by the author and additional material, this 25th anniversary edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller by Thomas Moore provides a powerful spiritual message for our troubled times.

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    Under Cover

    Author: John Bevere
    Reader: Tom Parks

    To walk in true spiritual authority, a believer must be submitted to God's sovereign authority. In this book, John Bevere shows readers how submission to this divine order grants the Kingdom's provision and protection.

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    Your Holiness

    Author: Debbie Ford
    Reader: Randy Thomas

    A recently discovered unpublished work by beloved spiritual teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford about the process of discovering the astonishing potential of the holiness that resides in each of us.

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